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  • Learn the Israel Vibe to bring joy, optimism, inspiration, connection and resilience into your daily life, Celebrate Jewish Holiday events with a new understanding of the context, how to's, and curated resources to enhance your experience.


  • Begin to build your confidence in reconciling changing values with Jewish traditions through your learning and asking questions.


  • Discover Israel's beautiful landscapes, culture and history from your own home with Leah's paintings and videos.


        •  Connect to Israel through visual learning; videos, presentations, paintings and other media is a unique, easy and fun way to learn.


        • Leah's artist perspective provides you with insights you have probably never thought about before; especially the geography and historical context of Biblical stories.


        •  Connect with other like minded people to share your own experiences,questions and challenges.


        • Personal growth through learning is important;  well organized, content,visual, and linear, that you can access at your convenience will make learning easier.


      • If this description fits your needs,  get started on your personal journey now.


Leah's Jewish Journey Begins With the Diaspora Experience

What makes me feel good about being Jewish is the sense of community and identity that comes with it. I am proud to be part of a people with a rich history and culture that has endured for thousands of years. I also appreciate the values of justice, compassion, and respect that are at the core of Jewish tradition.

It is important for me to connect with Israel because it is the homeland of the Jewish people. I feel a strong connection to the land and its people, and I want to support them in any way I can. I also believe that it is important to stay informed about the current political situation in Israel and to be an advocate for peace and justice.

Call To Action

This is your opportunity to think about the Jewish Identity you have created thus far in your life.

Does this identity bring you joy, optimism, inspiration, a feeling of connection to your heritage and a sense of resilience to deal with life's challenges?

What makes you most proud of being Jewish?

What is your favorite Israel association?

What do you worry about in your Jewish identity?

What would you like to ask me about living in Israel?

 These are your personal thoughts and do not require to be shared in the community. Keep them for yourself as a guideline for your learning.


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An Amazing Feature to Excite and Delight You.

Each Jewish Holiday Event is the Centerpiece for the Content in Your Resource Library.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Why You Need a Course to Learn About Your Jewish Heritage and to Connect With Israel.

Understand how awesome Israel really is.

Israel is known universally as the "StartUp Nation".

Israel Welcomes Jews From All Over the World, Creating a Vibrant, Multicultural Society.

Israel is a refuge for Jews at any time and any circumstances of anti Semitism.

Through Legal Agreements With the League of Nations, The United Nations and the British Mandate, Israel legitimately returned to its ancient homeland and rebuilt a Sovereign State on the Roman named land of "Palestine."

Jews were forcibly removed from their ancient homeland by the Roman Empire, in retaliation for the long and hard fought resistance they put up against the conquerors.

Jewish people, in every decade and every century have prayed for their return to Zion.


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An attitude of gratitude

When you come from a place of abundance and gratitude, your whole life will change. This course will help you appreciate life (even the aspects you used to dread), and you’ll see success and failure from a fresh perspective.


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  1. Understanding the contex and details of each Jewish Calendar Event, month by month.
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  3. Full access to the Israel Vibe Community and resources posted in the Members' Resource Library.
  4. an outline of the course modules with visual learning and curated resources,
  5. a bi weekly meetup to ask questions, share experiences and discuss course materials.
  6. Learning the Israel Vibe to bring joy, optimism, inspiration, connection and resilience in to your life.
  7. Discover the beauty of Israel landscapes and culture.
  8. Learn how to correlate Jewish traditions with your modern democratic values to add purpose and meaning to your life.
  9. Learn and appreciate Israel's contributions to the world.
  10. Understand Zionism and the achievements of creating a modern, Jewish, democratic State in the return to the land of Israel.

Many more resources will be added along the way as visual learning resources, videos for virtual tours of Israel, chat sessions to engage with other members of the community. 


11) Develop your own Jewish Identity, authentic to Jewish traditions and observance but just right for you to be knowledgeable and engaged in living Jewishly.



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